Although our portfolio is diverse in scope, AtlasInvest typically invests in businesses active in the global energy sector.

Our featured investments provide a good overview of the type of investments we typically focus on: investments where we can play an active role as a majority investor and drive change through hands-on portfolio support and board participation.

ONE-Dyas B.V. is the largest privately owned exploration and production operating company in the Netherlands.

ONE-Dyas are strategically positioned in some of the world’s most exciting regions: the North Sea (Netherlands, United Kingdom, Norway and Denmark), West Africa (Gabon) and South-East Asia (Malaysia), with 200 million boe of reserves and in total some 700 million boe of unrisked prospective resources.

ONE-Dyas has extensive experience managing a successful and balanced upstream portfolio of operated and non-operated exploration and production assets in the North Sea, Gabon and Malaysia. Their approach is that of carefully-planned strategy underpinned by technical expertise, geographical diversification, and cost effective development and operations.

VARO Energy is a downstream company, which refines, stores and distributes oil products for the North West European market. The company owns and runs the only Swiss refinery, located in Cressier, Switzerland and is a majority shareholder of 51.4%- share in the Bayernoil refinery, located in Southern Germany. Furthermore, VARO owns and operates storage facilities, distribution and marketing businesses in Benelux, France, Germany and Switzerland.

VARO’s shareholders include private investment company Reggeborgh; Carlyle International Energy Partners, an advisory fund which is part of the global alternative asset manager The Carlyle Group; and international energy and commodities company Vitol.

Since 2004, EWT has been creating distributed energy champions by supplying the most economical and reliable direct drive wind turbines for localized energy generation.

Over the years, EWT has continually challenged themselves to improve their products to lower the cost of energy of our turbines.

Today, with over 600 turbines installed across North America, Europe, and Asia, EWT has a proven, certified, and high-performing product range for the decentralized wind sector, including energy solutions and integration with other sources of generation.

Energy Intelligence is the leading independent provider of essential energy news, unbiased analysis, reliable data, and bespoke research. With offices in New York, London, Houston, Washington, Moscow, Dubai and Singapore, we provide decision-makers with critically important objective insight on issues and events affecting the global energy complex.

Our 15 award-winning information services set the industry standard for excellence. For the last 60 years, we have constantly improved and expanded our products and services in anticipation of the industry’s changing needs.

Energy is evolving. So is our thinking.

Lexo Energy is a new and fast-growing network of technology-led roadside retail stations in East Africa that offer the highest standards of fuel, lubricants, tyre repair, food and beverage and more.

Lexo currently has operations in Kenya and Tanzania with a proven strategy to roll out across the region. We use industry-first technological solutions that enhance the quality of our products and services in order to consistently deliver excellence and lead the way in innovation and customer care.

Unlike many petrol stations in Africa, we have established a unique owner-operator model that allows us to place the traveller at the very heart of our business because we truly care. We pride ourselves on disrupting the sector, pioneering a new approach and offering travellers a world-class experience when they need to stop and refuel.

Kayrros is the leading asset observation platform worldwide. Harnessing satellite imagery and unconventional data with machine learning, natural language processing and advanced mathematics, Kayrros delivers focused monitoring and measurement on industrial activity around the world.

With access to data on more than 200,000 industrial assets, Kayrros customers can observe individual or multiple assets in proprietary or multi-client workflows to analyze industrial and environmental performance for the insight needed to make optimal operational and financial decisions.