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Conventional & Renewable Energy Investments

AtlasInvest is a private investment company focusing on both conventional oil & gas and renewable energy sectors.

AtlasInvest’s investment portfolio is diverse in both scope and geography, encompassing all segments of the conventional energy chain including E&P, midstream and downstream. In addition, the group holds significant participations in a range of renewable energy companies (wind and solar) and in businesses complementary to the energy portfolio.

Marcel van Poecke, Chairman and Founder of AtlasInvest, is also leading Carlyle International Energy Partners (CIEP), the first international energy fund of the Carlyle Group to be invested globally (outside North America) in oil & gas investment opportunities.

About Us

AltasInvest originated as a single-family office and is continuously growing and expanding as an investment company under the lead of its Chairman, Marcel van Poecke.

Mr. van Poecke started AtlasInvest in 2007 and built over time the investment portfolio in both conventional oil & gas and renewables.

The portfolio is diverse in both scope and geography, encompassing all segments of the conventional energy chain including E&P, midstream and downstream. In addition, the group holds significant participations in a range of renewable energy companies and in businesses complementary to the energy portfolio.

Through its partnership with the Carlyle Group, AtlasInvest also manages Carlyle International Energy Partners. The first international energy fund of the Carlyle Group to be invested globally (outside North America) In oil & gas investment opportunities.

Oil & Gas


The ONE and Dyas merger completed in April 2019.

ONE-Dyas is an active partner and investor in projects involved in the exploration, development and production of oil & gas. Its involvement in projects often spans a large part of the asset life cycle, and many of ONE-Dyas’ investments have remained in its portfolio for up to 20 years.

ONE-Dyas has extensive experience managing a successful and balanced upstream portfolio of operated and non-operated exploration and production assets in the North Sea, Gabon and Malaysia.


Carlyle International Energy Partners (CIEP) invests in the oil and gas industry globally outside North America. The investments of CIEP will be spread over upstream (exploration, development and production) and downstream (storage, refining and retail). Present companies in CIEP’s portfolio include Discover, Varo, HES International, Black Sea Oil & Gas and Mazarine.


In 2012, AtlasInvest made a substantial co-investment through CIEP in Varo Energy, which became an integrated oil refiner and supplier serving North West Europe. The company comprises three core business areas: Refineries in Bavaria, Germany and in Cressier, Switzerland; Storage & Logistics; and Distribution & Sales. In 2015, Varo Energy merged with Argos, making it a major downstream player in North West Europe.


In 2012, AtlasInvest co-invested in CIEP’s Discover Exploration, a private oil and gas exploration company. The company acquires and develops oil and gas opportunities, and is currently building a balanced portfolio of frontier exploration assets.


In 2008, AtlasInvest acquired 50% of Energy Intelligence Group, the leading independent provider of objective insight, unbiased analysis and reliable data to the global energy industry for almost 65 years. With many offices worldwide it serves clients in the energy and financial industries, governments, agencies, consultants and law firms.


In 2012, AtlasInvest acquired WTS Energy, one of the leading outsourcing, manpower and recruitment companies to the international oil and gas industry. WTS supplies consultants to the projects and operations of its clients. It also performs outsourcing services like project recruitment campaigns and workforce management in the oil and gas industry. WTS operates globally.


In 2017, AtlasInvest co-founded Lexo Energy, a new and fast growing network of technology-led roadside petrol stations in East Africa with operations in Kenya. Lexo Energy offers the highest standard of fuel, lubricants and car-related services as well as additional retail services (food and beverage), further improving the customers’ experience. Lexo Energy uses market-leading technological solutions to enhance the quality of the services offered.

During 2018, Atlas took a controlling stake in the company and is today the majority shareholder.

Renewable Energy


In 2007, AtlasInvest acquired EWT, a global designer and producer of high performance gearless wind turbines of 250kW, 500kW to 1MW. EWT also provides energy sales and energy saving solutions to customers. With over 600 turbines spinning worldwide, EWT has a proven, certified and highly performing product. EWT won the Bloomberg “New Energy Pioneer” in 2016.


In 2013, AtlasInvest established Bluemerang Capital. Bluemerang has acquired, built and operates a portfolio of renewable energy assets across the UK and is currently in the process of expanding in Europe and in a number of selected emerging markets.


In 2016, AtlasInvest acquired NSE, a South-African based leading full-service renewable energy provider for distributed energy projects throughout Africa. NSE offers a full turnkey service in the assessment, design, supply, financing, implementation and ongoing maintenance of renewable energy projects to the public and private sector.


In 2008, AtlasInvest founded Blue World Carbon (BWC), a global leading provider of services and solutions aimed at combating climate change, including GHG emissions management and the use of carbon market mechanisms. BWC holds a large portfolio of post-2012 CERs from registered projects in China, SEA and Africa.

Real Estate


In 2001, Beryllus was founded with as goal to develop an investment portfolio in real estate. Beryllus looks at the opportunities as well as market trends within the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Beryllus creates added value by actively managing its portfolios through: location and timing analysis, (re) development, optimization of revenues, and financing. In these processes, Beryllus likes to work very closely with other investors and their expertise to generate the best return.


Case Study 1: Willem Witsen

Situated in the area of Benoordenhout at the heart of The Hague in the Netherlands, Beryllus transformed an office building of roughly 13,500 m2 to 60 very unique apartments. These apartments combine the comfort and luxury of a new construction and the charm and character of historical architecture.


Case Study 2: Knorr

In 2015, Beryllus Gamma and Reshape properties purchased a food and beverage company complex, Knorr, a German factory on German/Dutch boarder. The space will be redeveloped to be quality residential area with apartments for both rent and sale.


Case Study 3: Kaap Hoorn

This 4,500 m2 office building, situated in the Utrecht surroundings, has been transformed into 56 one-bedroom apartments. The proximity of shopping center Overvecht, public transport and ease of access combined with a contemporary design and quality makes these apartments highly attractive.


Our Team


Marcel van Poecke

Founder and Chairman

Marcel van Poecke is the Founder and Chairman of AtlasInvest. He has over 25 years of experience in the energy sector. He is Head and Managing Director of Carlyle International Energy Partners and Chairman of Oranje-Nassau Energie. Mr. van Poecke has a degree in Agricultural Business Administration from the University of Wageningen and an MBA from the William E. Simon School of Management of the University of Rochester, USA.


Irina Liner


Irina Liner is Director and co-Founder of AtlasInvest for the past fifteen years. She is also Director and Partner of the Energy Intelligence Group.
Previously she worked in Investment Banking and Corporate Finance for various Global Institutions. Mrs. Liner has a Bachelor’s Degree (Honours) in International Relations & Commerce from the University of Toronto and an International Master of Business Administration from York University.


Joost Dröge

Managing Director Energy Team

Joost Dröge is Managing Director of the energy team at AtlasInvest, advising on all energy-related investments. Through AtlasInvest, he is also working with Carlyle International Energy Partners as a Managing Director. Prior to joining AtlasInvest, he worked as Director Corporate Strategy at Petroplus.
He Holds a degree in chemistry from the University of Utrecht.


Peter van Poecke

Director Real Estate

Peter van Poecke is Founder and Director of Beryllus Financial Management, the real estate arm of AtlasInvest. Prior to joining AtlasInvest, he practiced as a veterinary physician for ten years.
He holds a Master in veterinary science from Utrecht University. Additionally, he holds Masters degrees in Real Estate Management and in Personal Financial Planning from the University of Antwerp.


Rijkman Groenink

Senior Advisor

Rijkman Groenink is a senior adviser at AtlasInvest. Previously he was with ABN Amro for thirty-five years, including seven years as Chairman of the Board. Furthermore, Mr Groenink sits on the boards of SHV Holdings, Oranje Nassau Energy, Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau, EWT and Bluemerang, the latter three as Chairman.
Mr. Groenink holds a law degree from the University of Utrecht and a degree in International Business Administration from Manchester Business School.


Didier Ryelandt

Chief Financial Officer

Didier Ryelandt is the CFO of AtlasInvest. Previously he held various Finance positions in Belgium and the United States for ING (Investment Banking – Brussels), Engie (VP Finance – Houston, Tx) and Exmar (CFO – Belgium and Executive VP Offshore – Houston, TX).
Mr. Ryelandt holds a Master in Business Engineering from the Louvain School of Management.


Ruben Clement

Lawyer and Chief Legal Officer

Ruben Clement is Lawyer and Chief Legal Officer at AtlasInvest. Prior to joining Atlasinvest, he worked for ten years as a lawyer for a major law firm in Brussels.
Mr. Clement holds a Master in Law from the University of Leuven (KUL), a LL.M in Economic Law from the University of Brussels (ULB) and a LL.M in Corporate Law from the University of Brussels (KUB).


Steve Kroeker

Assistant Treasurer

Steve Kroeker is the Assistant Treasurer at AtlasInvest. Prior to joining AtlasInvest, he worked for 13 years in various Cash Management and Treasury functions at LyondellBasell.
He holds an MBA from the Solvay School of Economics and Management of the University of Brussels (ULB), and a degree in Business Administration from Taylor University.


Michael Knap

Portfolio Manager

Michael Knap is Portfolio Manager at AtlasInvest. Mr. Knap had accumulated over 15 years of experience in the forestry and alternative energy sector, notably as Managing Partner of Koninklijke Eduard van Leer.
Mr. Knap holds a Master in Geology from the University of Amsterdam.

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